SOLSC. 2011. 10 of 31.Teenagers today!!

sliceoflifeTeenagers today!
Today  teenagers are not as they were before. Now they are more astute and outgoing. They express more their feelings and interests. The trouble now is that many teenagers understand freedom as licentiousness. And sometimes they are not aware that their attitudes may upset or attack people who are around them. For example speaking in public with rude words, disturbing younger children or even their own classmates.
I think the responsibilities of parenthood is to give to our children “everything” for their development as good human beings, and obviously they have to grow up  in a favorable environment . And if this kind of behavior are being taken by teens is because there is something in the family environment that is not working.

2 thoughts on “SOLSC. 2011. 10 of 31.Teenagers today!!

  1. Hi Angy!!
    I think that teenagers, and people in general, have those behaviour patterns. Always, you want to be the first, the popular, since children, boys and girls are always hearing: “You must be the best”, and that creates a competion environment within partners. So, it seems like if -I disturb others they are going to respect me, and I win-. And of course that is not true.
    So, I think the point is what is being teaching to the children??

  2. Yes of course, what I meant was that the basis of a good education come from your own parents we reflect many of the attitudes of them. I think “The school for parents” should be a priority to enhance our society.

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