SOLSC. 2011. 9 of 31.The meaning I gave devotion and Faith!

sliceoflifeThe meaning I gave devotion and Faith!
Today I began to think about what means for me devotion and faith.
In my country, devotion and faith for Catholic beliefs is very strong. Most of us believe in a god and we are afraid of him. Science and logical reasoning cannot explain many events. Religious beliefs serve to instill social and moral conscience.
Despite this, some people think that having devotion and faith is to hope that all you need, someone else will provide you without making any effort on their own.
Devotion and faith means for me trusting yourself, be effective in your actions, successful in your decisions and make mistakes as experiences. I mean have devotion to you and have faith in everything you do.

One thought on “SOLSC. 2011. 9 of 31.The meaning I gave devotion and Faith!

  1. I find that my devotion and faith are fully integrated into everything – my work, my life with friends and family – in fact, I ended up combining my blog about my spiritual life with my work blog – it was too hard to keep things separate!

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