SOLSC. 2011. 8 of 31.Today is carnival!

sliceoflifeToday is Carnival!
 Today just everything in my city is the carnival!
 Here every year the people go out to dance in a ceremony called “El Torito de petate”
 The most important part of the party  is The”Torito”. It is making with color paper and cardboard. These materials make up the body and the head of a bull and all this is putting on a metal frame. Someone carries this bull and danced with like a costume. Band music is played.People dance cheerful songs. Other actors appear to the scene, The”Apaches” The “maringuia” who wears a baton and fights the bull (“Torito de petate”) with the bit of music. A lot of people follow the Bull on the streets. All is happiness and celebration. You can even dance in place of “maringuia.
 This tradition was called “El Torito de petate” because these represent a bull. And before was made of  dried palm leaves woven and and this is called petate(bedroll).



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In other city in this country called Cuernavaca, there is another tradition called “El salto de los chinelos” (the jump of the chinelos). In this party men dressed with colorful clothes and masks with prominent chins are principal components.These are the chinelos. It is important too the brass band music. Everyone comes to see these unique characters and dance with them in the streets of towns or cities.

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