SOLSC. 2011. 7 of 31. Chance meeting!!

sliceoflifeChance meeting!
Today when I took the public bus, I found an old friend from elementary school. When I got on the bus, I usually walk  between a row of seats for reaching the back door of the bus. Suddenly, I heard someone saying my name, and I turned to see who was it. And then I recognize her. She was my childhood friend. We talked the whole way, and for a moment I was remembering those times when the most important thing was to play, get good grades, have fun with your friends. However, reality came to me when we started talking about our present lives who were not exactly as we had imagined. She wanted to become professional and work to help support his mother, but unfortunately with the conditions of our country very few people get to college. Nevertheless, not everything was wrong she told me she had married and had a son, now she was working as a secretary in a lawyer’s office. When I arrive at my bus stop, I said her goodbye and wish her good luck, in fact, we exchanged phone numbers to contact us later. When I get off, I started to remember that many of our classmates from elementary school had to immigrate to the United States, and support their families, some others were working as carpenters, painters, blacksmiths or other trades.
In Mexico is a great privilege to come the university. Even so, it is very difficult to find a well paid employment. For this reason, I always have felt very fortunate to have finished university. And I think if all of we could have the same opportunities, this country would be much different to what it is today. I see every day a lot of people in this country fighting and making and efford to achieve a better life.


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  1. Angy —
    Thanks for sharing this Slice today. In the US we sometimes forget that education is a privilege. Your Slice made me pause and be grateful for the education I have.
    Thank you,

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