Slice of life SOLSC. 2011. 6 How I could do it again?

sliceoflifeHow I could do it again?
Today I can see the enlightenment of sayings.
 Usually I tend to give people advices on how to resolve their problems. I am very conclusive. When someone asks me for advices I give it. Nevertheless, I realized that all my advice and experiences do not support people to prevent their problems. I was thinking about that, when suddenly one of my best friends call me to tell me about her problems with one of her co-workers, and obviously I gave her an advice, and I shared similar experiences. When I hanged up, I thought how I could do it again, if it never works!
 As the Saying goes, “everyone has to experience things for themselves” or,  “you cannot live for someone’s life or “No one can experience from somebody else”
In Mexico, we have a very peculiar saying “Nadie experimenta en cabeza ajena”. (“No one’s experience in others’ head”)


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