Writing Guidelines in this blog


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Guidelines, standards, norms or rules serve to bring us  direction, characteristic, tendency or principles.
This blog uses general rules for submit comments.

If you want to post into this blog you must follow these rules:



1. This blog is a project to improve English writing. So leave comments to help improve.
2. Express your views and add in your comment the way you would correct the mistakes in the post.
3. Do not use offensive language.
4. Check your comment before upload it into this blog.
5. Use correct punctuation and grammar.
6. Do not reveal your personal information. Just type your name in the
7. If you have any questions add it into your comment. They will be answered as soon as possible.



Hi classmates!

Sapo_Cai _Rio

I hope all of you have an amazing vacation, and you can continue learning, improving and practicing your English writing. My best wishes for everyone.
I have not received any comments from you yet. But I hope that my comments were helpful.
See you on Saturday.